About Me…..(draft)


I was born in London and a British citizen, now living in Madrid for the past 25 years.


Photography has always been part of my life since childhood. I did photography at school and from my early teens I did street photography and plane spotting….


Back in Madrid I picked up photography again and started doing street photography and landscapes. With the advent of digital photography I got a Nikon D300 and started doing photojournalism, documentary and street photography.


My introduction into serious photojournalism was with Demotix who gave people like me a home for their photojournalism photos and maybe sell some images to the media. Some 15 years later photography still doesn’t pay!


I covered photocalls, demonstrations, fashion week, concerts, trade and commerce exhibitions, and parades. I also did travel photography, events in the streets of Madrid, and stock photography.


Then Covid happended….!


Now I’m trying to do as much photography as I can, but due to health reasons (consequence of Covid) and the effects of Filomena snow storm in Madrid (fell and hurt myself) I have to limit strenuous physical activity.


I still send my news reporting to Splash and editorial to other stock agencies. I also post on Instagram and Facebook.


Best and thank you for visiting….




whatsApp: +34. 6060.81813

email: lawrenceATlawmoment.com