Lawrence JC Baron

Madrid 28019

Tel/WhatsApp:  606081813



Teaching and coaching English for adults and professionals especially: academic, science, medical, social sciences, engineering, banking, law, marketing, and financial services. One-to-One, groups, in person, online Skype and others

Conversation, presentations, CV and interviews, conferences, meeting preparation. In person, Skype and other platforms.

Proofreading and copyediting, Papers, Presentations, Grants, CV, PhD thesis, and applications, Marketing, Web Sites, Internet research. 

Mentions in Academic Papers:


International: Spain, Malta, Italy, UK

Academy teaching - February 1999 - PRESENT Madrid

Language academy based in Madrid - Teaching English

                Mixed groups at all levels, one-to-one classes, in person or online classes

Private Classes February 1999 – PRESENT Madrid

Madrid Area, offices and domicile - Teaching and Coaching English

                                Since March 2020 many students have transferred classes onto Skype and other platforms

Copyediting and proofreading 2005 – PRESENT Madrid

University departments,  Medical Institutions and Hospitals, Engineering companies - Proofreading and Copyediting

                Scientific papers, Grants, Posters, Presentations, Meetings, PhD thesis

                (Check here for some lod mentions:

Teaching English in Malta 1998 - 1999 - mainly young adults in groups, professional people one-to-one

Groups of young adults, professional people one-to-one, and adults working for an academy

Teaching English in Italy 1994 - 1998

In company classes mainly with engineering background
Translation and writing of manuals for machines and publicity into English

Business activities in the UK before 1994

Printing broker, Property commission agent

Freelance Photojournism 2010 - PRESENT (Part time) Madrid
Reporting to UK news agency from Madrid on public events, major events, Fashion Week and Entertaining events.


- University of London - Degree              BA (Hons) Philosophy  1985

- GM1x: Global Muckraking: Investigative Journalism and Global Media - Columbia University through edX (2018)

- MEDIAWARx: Global Media, War, and Technology - Issuing authority UQx - Queensland through edX (2018)

-NAPM Stage One Certificate in Paper merchanting - National Association of Paper Merchanting (1982)

Social Media

LinkedIn: - professional context including photojournalism

YouTube @ljcbvideo: YouTube - English Tutorials - Talking about learning English

Insatgram @lawmoment - photojournalism

TikTok @lawjcb link - short English Tutorials - Talking about learning English